Hey, Mother Founder.

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Mother, you're not alone.

We see you—Dancing to the beat of your own drum!

We’re here to support you , offering advice, inspiration, and guidance throughout your start-up or scale-up journey. We'll walk alongside you, ready to hold your hand whenever you need.

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Mother, your network is your Superpower!

The Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship (2019) exposed a stark truth: women encountered barriers to accessing essential networks, sponsors, mentors, and professional support vital for their entrepreneurial journeys.

We know that through collective and focused action: we can and will change things. From policy to practice, we'll make starting and scaling businesses more attainable for Mother Founders.

Mother, it's probably time to start that business.

(We are rooting for you!)

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Founding Mother

"Motherhood & entrepreneurship go together like tea and biscuits"

~Tolu Melissa

Motherhood and entrepreneurship go together like tea and biscuits. I've found myself in many conversations encouraging Mothers to 'just start' that business. That’s why Seed to Sapling exists: to make more Mothers, founders.

They say, 'Start your business when times are tough.' and motherhood is tough; that is why I wanted to create a platform that speaks to mothers and provides invaluable resources for them as founders. I want mothers to grow little ones and businesses, on their terms, from seed to sapling and beyond!

Seed to Sapling was started with one sole mission: to chart a Third Way and make more Mothers, founders.

Seed to Sapling was founded by Tolu Melissa Asiedu. Her business experience in Editorial, Content and Project Management has connected her with notable brands such as Net-a-Porter, The Outnet, All Saints, ASOS, and some laudable lesser-known brands.

Tolu Melissa possesses a deep interest for communications, strategy, and business. Sensing that her future lay in the amalgamation of these passions, she pursued a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), equipping herself with valuable insights into leadership and entrepreneurship.

She is a stay-at-home mum raising three incredible boys.

Through her experiences, she observed a critical flaw with what she calls the Career Ladder model: the desire for mothers to continue contributing to society through work and their desire to nurture their children intimately. She noted the tension arising from a mother's attempts to balance her career with motherhood in the prescribed fashion, creating an incredible strain for mothers and children.

Her solution? The Third Way: Mothers raising little ones and building business in a community of supportive Mother Founders.

This is the heart of Seed to Sapling: more mothers building businesses of consequence, creating value for their families, communities, society and themselves.

We see you—Dancing to the beat of your own drum!

(We'll be right there dancing alongside you!)

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Mother, we can't wait to show you all the things we are working on to make planting and growing your business enjoyable and sustainable.

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"Motherhood and entrepreneurship go together like tea and biscuits"

~Tolu Melissa, Founder

Seed to Sapling

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